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Many of us make this mistake. It's not once or twice, but several times we would end up doing this to ourselves. I don’t need to tell you about my love life, and unless I tell you, there is no need to have tons of information.

When we first date someone, we like we usually go and tell our friends or family. We get caught up in the moment of infatuation and don’t think twice. We go from a best friend knowing to the neighbor down the block asking how our significant other is.

That's how rumors spread, and not…

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I don’t remember the last time I was on here. It must have been several months since I last wrote on this site. It’s nothing personal. I just had to take a long break. For my well being and also because, to be honest, I was tired of writing. Yes, you heard right. I was bored.

I don’t want to blame this pandemic on the lack of material I had to write, but you bet your bottom dollar I am right now. …

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As election day came near, I was interested in what could happen to America's state, depending on what happens when the winner is announced. When the day came for the country to vote for who they believed in, it felt like a division. No longer are people hand in hand and fighting together.

If anything, I believe this has made the country worse—no matter who wins. But imagine if Trump comes all the way back and wins this whole election. That would stir up a lot of anger for people in the urban cities and those that feel strongly about…

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Now before I say anything, let's make something clear. This world is at an all-time high loss of love. True love. Too many of us get caught up in the feelings and the way someone looks but don’t focus on what they can really bring to the table.

However, in the rare event that someone actually loves their significant other, there may be something dangerous about loving them too much. Giving 100% of your time with someone is never healthy, although it may seem like the right thing to do in a relationship.

We get so caught up in talking…

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We have reached an all-time low in this country. Not only in terms of hatred but us being controlled by our emotions. Many times we seem to let how we feel dictate whether something is right or wrong. Here’s the issue with this.

If everyone feels that their right or wrong is subjective and truth, then we have no truth. There would be no truth in us. We are just walking around the earth doing whatever we feel like and not believing there is a consequence for our actions. …

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It’s going to happen whether we like it or not. It happens to all of us. As we grow we slowly lose more and more friends or people we thought who were real in our lives. Is it so much a bad thing or a good thing? Let’s talk about it.

When we were kids we all became friends with whoever would share our food with us or play with us in the playground. It was innocent. We didn’t know any better. As we grow into elementary school some of us run into bullies and other classmates that give us…

How To Break Out Of Bad Habits

It is your best interest to understand the things you have to do in order to move forward in your life. There is no room for ignorance here so know that you understand that let’s get to it.

I am not a therapist or anything of that matter. However I am a person that understands dealing with negative aspects in your life can greatly influence your future.

Many believe it’s only people that are at fault here but it can also be your habits. Doing acts that are detrimental to your body is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. …

It’s been a minute y’all. I’ve been gone for what seems like a year but it’s only been a few weeks. The picture above basically shows how I felt during my break from Medium. I feel like taking a step back is needed on this platform. It gives you a chance to come back stronger with a clear mind on what you want to share with the world.

It’s time for me to get back to working. Getting a few pennies here and there on this platform is cool but it won’t sustain me. Either I’m going to have to…

This is going to feel more like a rant more than a informative article. You may even feel the same way with the amount of times you have been writing. Here’s our time to vent.

I have been writing for about a few months on Medium. I have picked pieces from other writers about how to go about being successful on this platform. I feel as though I have grown to better myself. I’m not a profession writer or anything like that so my journey may take longer than I want.

I’m not going to lie. I have been a…

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I couldn’t believe what I saw that day. I had just woke up and I looked on my phone and what did I see? Someone publish a story talking about writing three articles a day. Excuse me while I go on a tangent.

That article is wild! Who is going to have something to say three times a day for a few months? Let alone a year. Its almost impossible. Unless you make a bunch of nonsense stories or a whole book. Which I don’t see anyone doing by the way. I may start but that’s besides the point. Three…

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