Your $400 Mattress Isn’t Good Anymore.

  • If you have certain body pains like back stiffness or neck pain, look for an adjustable base. It also can lift the legs, which bring circulation throughout your body. What this does is lift your head to where you can breathe easy, avoid acid reflux, and if you snore like a grizzly bear, it will eliminate the noise. Your wife will thank me.
  • Since we are naturally warm creatures, you are going to need a bed with a cooling feature. This takes away your sweat and gives you sweet dreams at night, as well as not waking up hot. Many people suffer from sweating through the night, and this will 100% help you out. The Tempur-Pedic Luxe Breeze is top of the line in terms of this.
  • If you have a partner, you are looking for support that will make you forget someone is even on the bed. This can be done with a feature called Motion Separation. For example, you can put a glass of wine on the opposite side, and not a drop will spill.
  • Lastly, you will need a bed with memory foam and gel for the best experience. This conforms your body and sculpts it out so you will be tailor-made for your mattress.



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Daniel M

Daniel M


Making articles to feed your mind and body. Freelance writer. BMCC Poetry Slam 2012 Winner 📝