What Happens If Biden Loses?

Daniel M
2 min readNov 6, 2020
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

As election day came near, I was interested in what could happen to America's state, depending on what happens when the winner is announced. When the day came for the country to vote for who they believed in, it felt like a division. No longer are people hand in hand and fighting together.

If anything, I believe this has made the country worse—no matter who wins. But imagine if Trump comes all the way back and wins this whole election. That would stir up a lot of anger for people in the urban cities and those that feel strongly about their skin. Morals are now out the window as looting gis on the horizon. Stores have boarded up their locations, and we could be in for a rude awakening.

The battle for true freedom has come. Each side, with their own opinion on what would make America great. Pro-choice vs. Pro-Life. Rioters vs peacemakers. Communists vs. liberals. The human race has been divided more than before. People don’t even know who the real enemies are. It is themselves.

What if someone from a bad neighborhood decided they wanted to do something with their life. They opened a business and made their own money. Now we have a different argument. Does that person still vote for higher taxes above the middle-class line? Do they find ways to maneuver from paying the most taxes based on having their grind?

Also, people want to be outside. We weren’t created to stay in a house majority of the time. We need sunlight and oxygen. Both things come from getting out of the house. Depending on who is selected, we will be waiting till next year's Fall for restaurants and stores to be fully accessible to customers.

When was the last time someone could have a date inside a restaurant and not have to wear a mask? You can’t even have a great conversation unless you can see each other's facial features, which gives you an understanding of their emotions.

Time for a change. A good change. And I’m not talking about mandatory vaccines. I’m talking about human beings banding together and putting aside their differences for the country's good. That would make America great again.



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