Your Emotions Can Drop You In A Ditch

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Lets talk about feelings. We all have them. Some are good and some are bad. What is the fine line of good and bad feelings though and when do we get to a point where it controls our every move? How do we control them?

As we get into relationships or arguments our emotions run high. When someone gets us mad when they cut in front of us while driving we may want to curse them out. Every day there’s a new challenge to collect ourselves and there is always a situation that has us make an action.

An emotion is a reaction to action. How we process certain things can either make us happy or disturb us. When someone is having a birthday party or we celebrate a wedding we are joyful. Its a positive atmosphere. At the ceremony, the bride and groom may have cried with emotion off being happy to spend the rest of their lives with each other. And that’s a beautiful thing.

On the other hand we could be at a funeral and that would make us sad seeing someone we love in a casket. This is deep stuff but these are moments in our lives when we are most allowed to show emotion. These are monumental situations whether bad or good.

Sometimes when we feel we’ve had enough and that we can’t go on there is doubt. We have fear of feeling this way again or we may want to feel happy again. However, there are times when your emotion can overcome your own judgement.

Lets say for example that there is a guy that is mad that he is poor. So what does he do? He uses his hard earned money for a weapon and decides to go in a neighborhood that is rich. He waits until night time so its easier for him not to be seen so that he can trespass and commit a crime of robbery. Now, his mind may tell him he shouldn’t rob this family but he chooses anyway because he has filled up so much anger in his heart that he no longer has the moral to go back home. This leads to him breaking in and stealing. Which ultimately leads him to jail.

Now is there ever a good time to commit a crime? Especially one like that? No. That is why he had got sentenced to prison. Breaking and entering. Against the law. So not only did his emotions overtake him to do something he had no business doing but he also reaped the consequence for doing so.

The same can happen to any one of us.

Once we decide something out of emotion to this extent we no longer hold any morals. I can say I want to party and end up getting horribly wasted from it and not even remember what I did. There are consequences for actions. Plain and simple. And if we let our emotions and our heart get the best of us we are leading ourselves on a slippery slope. Its important to think before doing or saying something that you may regret.

We must hold our emotions accountable so that we have the right mindset every time and not let the chains of our feelings take hold of us and enslave us all.

Making articles to feed your mind and body. Freelance writer. BMCC Poetry Slam 2012 Winner 📝

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