Writing In The Rain Is Underrated

You know how good it feels to look out your window and just see some rain fall and hear the downpour? It’s almost like a massage for the brain. I believe we as writers should try more often to write more when there’s a storm.

I know it’s summer and you don’t feel like getting up sometimes but that’s life. If you are trying to get ahead in this Medium world you have to write in all weather. Even if your sweating profusely and your sweat is sweating. Throw some ice on your body and get going. Cause here’s why it’s so beneficial to write in the rain.

It’s calming for one. This gives you a level head and allows you to make quick judgment of your work. Also you won’t be rushing because you won’t feel you need to. Your body will match the energy of the atmosphere. It may be so relaxing you fall asleep halfway through your article. Please don’t fall asleep. Otherwise your words will look like gibberish.

The thought process while your writing will also be more on point with your proofreading. Since you aren’t rushing you will see things in ways you haven’t before. Being able to think critically but at the same time not overdoing it and trying to make the perfect story because lets be honest. No one has the perfect story. Expect for the Holy Bible.

Being calm and having a thorough thought process gives you peace of mind. You won’t over analyze your work and you may even make more positive stories. This can alter your way of thinking from the inside out. This has the chance to greatly improve your health. Even if you’re already an Olympic gold medalist. Or have won a state marathon. You will do it so often that it carries over when the weather changes. No longer changing your mood. But it keeps your body at a steady pace.

I love writing in the rain now and it’s something I didn’t think I would be doing this year but since life has made a total 180 I adjusted to the circumstances and you can too. Write in the rain. Write when it snows. Write when it’s blazing hot. You can change your life just by typing some words on a keyboard.



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Daniel M

Daniel M

Making articles to feed your mind and body. Freelance writer. BMCC Poetry Slam 2012 Winner 📝