Would I Spank My Children?

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Growing up I had family of Caribbean lineage. They don’t take any backtalk and they sure wouldn’t have when I was a child. It was custom that if a child acted up as if they lost their good mind that they would need to be repaid with a visit from their parents’ friend, Mr. Belt.

Now Mr. Belt was a strict person. He was meant to keep kids in line when they did wrong. I have seen Mr. Belt a lot of times during my life as a child but it shaped me to be better than I was. However, at the age I am now and how my generation communicate now, it seems I have turned the corner. What I mean by that is that I may have a different perspective of how I would raise my children.

It has been said that talking with your children about why they can’t do this or that is better for the child and not seen as abuse. I tend to lean towards letting the child know, whether it be a son or daughter, why they can’t go ahead thinking what happened was OK. I don’t have favoritism if its a boy. That could shoot down the relationship with my daughter. I have more of an open mind at this time and hopefully they will learn from it and decide not to do it again. Otherwise I have failed.

Going back to when I was a child I did some really stupid things. I will not elaborate on those things but they may have been good enough for me to get whooped. I wouldn’t say I was a bad kid but to say I was an angel would definitely be an overstatement. Actually I don’t think anyone who knew me as a child would say such a thing.

“Come here boy, don’t run!”

That’s what my grandfather said to me one time as I relayed around a dining room table running in circles to avoid a whooping at the age of 11.

As I look back on that day it’s kind of funny. That’s the day I realized I was fast. My grandmother was even laughing. Look who’s laughing now!

There was no reason for me to say that. I just wanted to since we were talking about laughing.

I have a question for all of you are reading this til the end. First off, thank you for not skipping 95% of my article. But what do you think of this child rearing exercise? Would you spank your children? Will you spank your kids when you have one? Is it ok with you? Do you care? I wanna see these responses at the bottom of this story. I’m honestly curious.

I don’t look down on anyone who does spank their child. Its their child. I have no say in how to raise their kid as long as its not abusive. Some parents have gone to that stage. Then we have a problem. Like a Child Services problem. It doesn’t help them trust you any more than a mouse would trust walking past a snake. It is not ok for you to do.

Talk to your children. Spend time with them. You do both these things the relationship will get stronger. So will the love. Understand where they are coming from. You weren’t great when you were that age either. Matter of fact. They may have gotten that attitude from you. So take time to know your child. Not just give them treats and send them off to their friends house for a sleepover. Be the host of that sleepover. Be silly. Make them laugh. And when they act up you spank the hell out of them! I’m kidding.

All in all. I’m going to be the strict but cool dad. You say it isn’t possible. I say its improbable.

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