Why I Won’t Date A Bad B****

Let me get something clear before I say anything that might be taken out of context. I love my women and love that you ladies have a standard while existing. Doing things on your own and not completely relying on a guy to fulfill all your financial needs is attractive as hell. After all, I grew up with a single parent with my mother. Now lets talk about it.

When I think of a “ bad bitch”, I think of a girl recording herself twerking for the masses on social media. I know. Pretty bad. But it’s predictable. If I had a dollar for every girl that did that on IG I would be a multi millionaire. They probably actually are rich though.

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These women are actually geniuses for doing what they do. Since they know sex sells no matter the weather. All they have to do is show off their body and move it in a provocative way and BOOM! Paid! It’s quite a lucrative strategy really. I see why these girls do it. I’m just not attracted to it. You’re probably asking why don’t you mind your business? It’s not your life! That is true. But I’m concerned for these young women. I know they have way more to offer than what they show and it bugs me that it’s not highlighted.

Especially as a male, I can vouch that not all of us like the silicon ass. Real ones will always be the best. I couldn’t see myself dating any of these ladies strictly because of how they view themselves. Give me a girl with glasses and over-sized clothes with a funny but yet focused personality. That is what we need to see more of as a society. The images of these baddies also tends to give women that don’t look like Kim Kardashian low self confidence. They look in the mirror trying to suck in their stomach or turn to the side to view the curves of their butt. Trying to see what they would look like if they were a little slimmer. Or if their lips were a little thicker.

I personally have no problem with the Instagram models that show up on the timeline. But I’m starting to get tired of seeing so much of it. At least if they show more of themselves as people than objects I can rock with it.

A Message To The Instagram Models

My intention is in no way to bash you ladies. I’m just frustrated with the lack of variety shown in your content. There are so any talents of yours waiting to be unlocked. Don’t feel pressured by society that you have to revert to just modeling. Modeling is cool but there is so much more you can offer.

To The Real Bad B****

You are slaying it. Exploring all of your talents and making sure what you want to do is what you do. You queens don’t let anyone stand in your way and I applaud that. That trait is going to turn you into bosses, wives, and mothers. All three are essential to living. Hats off to you and you deserve to shake what your mama gave you. You are our rocks. We can’t even exist without you.

Making articles to feed your mind and body. Freelance writer. BMCC Poetry Slam 2012 Winner 📝

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