Why I Freestyle Write On Medium

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I’ve seen so many people give out advice on Medium on how to write a certain way in order to get curated. They feel they need to be as tight as possible on their work to make it. Truth is, you don’t. Here’s why.

Medium is a site for writing things you can either research or what you feel the need to talk about. I came into this with the belief that if I’m going to make this platform work for me financially I’m going to do it my way. Now, that doesn’t mean you don’t follow the community guidelines but what it does let you do is be yourself.

One of the things I do to write about something I genuinely care about is to just think of things that run through my brain. This could go from thinking about kittens and puppies to major news on Wall Street. The key is to not force yourself to write a certain topic just cause you see other people do it and it works for them. With that analogy you wouldn’t last too long on this site from being burned out and having the mentality that this a job more than something you love doing.

Proofreading is something I still do of course. I’m not going to be writing whatever just to write it. I want it to be readable also. Being able to reach people deeper than surface level. If i mess up in a part of a story the readers mood could change and decide they want nothing to do with what I published. Which also messes up your algorithm for Medium. You don’t want that.

I’m not saying I’m perfect but I want the story to be pleasing to the brain

I like making articles that make you think. No matter what the topic is. If its about a whole lot of fluff it needs to be away from me. Freestyle writing allows you the freedom to not only talk about what interests you but also allows you to feel like you are not restricted. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself. If you don’t want to talk about finance even though it gives you some quick change then don’t. You’ll be a slave to the dollar and lose content because you don’t care enough about the subject to write about it on the daily. It’s important to still put facts in your stories to make what you’re saying credible and true. However, not everything needs to be a history lesson.

If you are content with what you’re doing then continue. But if its something that is bothering you and you feel grumpy every time you go on this site or any other publishing platform then its time for a change in your writing. The best writers on here are professionals at free-styling. You can be one of the best too, as long as you refrain from putting yourself in a box. Jump out the box and create.

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