Why Am I Always Up Late?

It’s a big problem. No matter what I do I’m always up late. I could have nothing to do at all and boom…it’s 3am. Why? It’s annoying but there’s a reason.

I’d like to think that me being born at 11:50pm would be a reason for me to be a night owl. Nocturnal is what I’d like to call myself. This is a generation X type problem. We always stay up at ungodly hours.

It’s my belief that since most of us work during the day we want to spend more time for ourselves when we get home. This leads us to either read, binge watch tv shows, search YouTube or listen to music. The loud kind not smooth jazz. But I think there’s a solution.

How about we train ourselves to go to sleep at around 11pm. It’s been said that if you go to sleep before 12am that your body reacts as if it gained two hours of sleep instead of one. If we make sure our work is done well before this time and we get in the bed our body will want to sleep.

No sweets. No exercise.

Those two things will stop you from being tired. It will release endorphins that trigger your mind to get up and go. To be hype. You’ll feel like you can run a marathon for about a couple of hours. This is not good if you want to not feel like a zombie by the time the birds start chirping.

Going to bed on time also helps with vision and accuracy in the mind. You’ll be able to think on a whim. It makes you smarter. You would basically be Einstein. Not really but you get my drift.

As I’m saying this I’m laying in my bed. I should be sleeping. I’m gonna hit the sack. You should to. It’s good for your health. Alright that’s enough talking from me for the night.

Good night.



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Daniel M

Making articles to feed your mind and body. Freelance writer. BMCC Poetry Slam 2012 Winner 📝