What Is A Quarter Life Crisis?

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There are many that know of the mid life crisis. It has plagued many middle aged men and women to this day . Signs of regret. Thoughts of time wasted and trying to get it back. Thinking of the past when you were young and were full of life. Sadly, that time is no more but you still have time. But some young adults feel like its the end of the world.

From an early age we get taught that school is the way to be able to pay the bills. Our parents tell us without it we will not amount to anything in society. We need a good steady job and then have a family soon after that. In the parent’s world there is no such thing as skipping college or quitting. The past generation before us doesn’t seem to grasp that what we prefer to do in the future vs what we are told to do could have serious consequences.

When we graduate from high school we are flooded by questions on what school we are going to from our family. Not even a question of where we want to go to school or if we even believe we need it in the first place. After all, we are adults now right?

I have faced this situation not with my direct family but with my mother’s friends. People who I call my aunties and uncles. So basically family I guess. They have grown up with the mentality from their Caribbean parents that college is the only way they’re going to make it. No fault on them. This in a way has clouded their mind to openness on pursuing what they enjoy instead of being that doctor or lawyer. To those that are doctors and lawyers I commend you. Especially if you love your job. I would faint at the sight of a needle… or paperwork.

The problem is. When we don’t get a chance to explore doing things on our own, that could shrink our growth as people. Its like us graduating high school and we are ready to be a sponge and take on all life brings. Then we get sent to college where we thought we would be adulting but no longer do we have that choice.

There are people that do enjoy college and for those that want to work in a specific field that college caters to then its all good. I’m speaking to the young man or woman that has aspirations far beyond test papers. Men and women that want to display certain creativity to accomplish their dreams.

We are rebels of our generation. Going against the status quo to prove not only to ourselves but to those that fear we cannot do it. The quarter life crisis will soon be diminished. More and more young adults are paving their own way. Some of us are successful and some of us are not there yet but its the journey that makes it worthwhile. If we believe in ourselves then our future families will benefit tremendously. Setting the table for higher ground in our lineage. Making our once distraught parents but more importantly ourselves proud.

Making articles to feed your mind and body. Freelance writer. BMCC Poetry Slam 2012 Winner 📝

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