This Author Said You Should Write 3 Stories A Day! Excuse Me, WHAT!?

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I couldn’t believe what I saw that day. I had just woke up and I looked on my phone and what did I see? Someone publish a story talking about writing three articles a day. Excuse me while I go on a tangent.

That article is wild! Who is going to have something to say three times a day for a few months? Let alone a year. Its almost impossible. Unless you make a bunch of nonsense stories or a whole book. Which I don’t see anyone doing by the way. I may start but that’s besides the point. Three times a day, ladies and gentlemen! That’s your goal for the next few months. Not mine.

Do I look like Shakespeare, or one of the disciples of Jesus? I’m in quarantine. Everyone was on house arrest and you expect people to come up with a story three times? What could we possibly write about? Maybe I should write on how I believe the sky isn’t really blue. Or jot down some letters each line to form the alphabet backwards and forwards. Then I could get my stories out.

All I’m going to be talking about is my past and what I feel. Not what I’m doing. Because there is nothing to do. Unless ya’ll want a Bible study over on my profile.

I can barely say anything now and I don’t even post once a day anymore. Its more like once a few days or longer. I wonder if that author has posted multiple times a day for a whole month. First off, that is exhausting. I’ll be taking a nap every story. Then wake up at 12 am to do it all over again. I won’t have a life. If I had a more exciting life then yes, I would do three stories a day. Problem is, there isn’t even three topics big enough for me to write about.

You can possibly do two a day and not even that would be all the time. It would be temporary. Someone should check that mans temperature. He may have writing fever. Get it? Writing fever? … I thought it was funny.

Now you can take his advice and try it but I am more than certain you will run dry with ideas about what to talk about. Unless you’re a human encyclopedia or news buff.

Yes those exist.

Honestly, I think I’ll try to do a few articles some days. I’m not hating on him. I’m just baffled by the amount of things one could write about for a whole month. Maybe he can break the record for articles published on Medium. I will be in the far left corner cheering them on as well as you.

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