They Read Your Comments

But Not Your Story

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I’m a newbie at this Medium thing. Its only been one month but I feel like I’ve been working overtime with less pay. Putting up even three articles a few times in a day but no one seems to read it. It can become frustrating for you and I know it has for me. Especially when you go all out and think of something outside the box as your article. The algorithm needs some work.

I have come across this problem a couple times. The second time being more recent. This is not to say that I don’t appreciate the social side of the platform for what it is but it does make my stories seem less important than a comment I posted to someone else’s article. I gotta be real here. It feels off to me. And I know I’m not the only one going through this.

There are hundreds of thousands of people that write articles every day. So its only right that majority of the attention will go to the writer that has over 5k followers and has their story posted on a big publishing site. It does, however, make me feel like someone in the back of the crowd at a concert and I want to see the action. Problem is, I can’t see anything. Since its so packed all around me I am not able to catch any of the action or barely see it. Or I could be a kid in the back of a lecture class at a university and have my hand raised and the teacher looks at me just to pick someone else. This is what it can sometimes feel like for me.

Although I have not been doing this even for two months yet I feel like the reads and views my comments make should bring me more traffic for my real story. The one I published. Why does my comment get counted as a story anyway? Seems weird to me. I know there are writers who have been in this way longer that will probably read this article and say “Is this guy serious?”

Yes the heck I am!

As much writers that are experienced in this field there will be those that are like me and want to know the things I ask. Its an interesting thing to see that your comments accumulated over 700 to 800 reads and views but your real stories get 5 to 6 views. This doesn’t seem odd to anyone? Not even one person from that comment comes to check out the stories I have wrote. At least the writer of the article is getting more credibility I guess.

This could be a learning curve. The comments could be a way for you to understand what you need to write. Almost like an avenue to show you hints of how to solve a huge puzzle. Medium sure is a puzzle for me that I’m still trying to figure out. Still haven’t if you’re wondering. But I could make more topics based on what I shared on another writers post. This possibly could give me the interactions that I deserve. I’m not quitting anytime soon so don’t you quit either. We are going to figure out the world of publication.



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