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Growing up we heard adults say to us that we need to drink milk to create strong bones. That we needed it in order to build muscles and not look like string beans. What we didn’t get told is how it affects our body.

This all starts with cows. Cows get milk taken from the factories to be given to us to drink. That same milk is made only for calves but we indulge in it also. Truth is, milk doesn’t do the things that they say it does. It doesn’t create protein it gives us humans mucus. Strong bones and muscles are a myth with this beverage.

It does, however, make you gain fat. Well that’s great! Mucus and fat. Such nutritious works of the body. Now instead of me telling you all the bad about animal milk, here’s an alternative.

Protein comes from vegetables and certain fruits also. Nuts are big in fat and calcium. Both vegetables and nuts create not only strong bones but they also tighten the skin and increase blood flow in your veins. Thus making it easier to exercise, sleep, and just plain move.

Bet you thought I was gonna say almond milk or something. Even though that works also. So cut off those drinks that are made for the livestock and lets eat and drink what we’re suppose to. What is meant for us.

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