The PS5 Has Been Revealed

Daniel M
2 min readJun 11, 2020

June 11th 2020 is the day that the new generation of PlayStation consoles has been announced. Gamers have waited and the time is finally here. What do you think about the look?

As I sat on my chair looking at the live stream of PlayStation’s new gaming experience I looked at the comments and a lot of people are thrilled. They showed a lot of new games but also some of the favorites like Rachet & Klank and Horizon. What personally brought me joy was seeing a short teaser of NBA 2k21. See I’m a sports gamer. I use to be a fan of the adventurous games but have been more into basketball.

As the stream neared towards the end I saw comments saying “Show the console!” And as the anticipation rose PlayStation finally revealed the look of the PS5. Most of the viewers loved the image of it. They marveled after it. I though it looked sharp. Literally. Looks like a WiFi router to me. I guess Beaty is in the eye of the beholder. I thought they would only show the base console but they also showed the headphones and remote. There also seemed to be a slimmer version of it that’s coming out at the same time.

Options people options.

The date has been announced to be during the holiday times. Most likely that means around December. Before Christmas. So that everyone can spend their money on this new generation system. It’s excellent marketing strategy if you ask me. They will be raining down money into their faces by the time New Years hits.

This is a good distraction from all the problems going on in this world today. Let’s people see something of a positive effect. Something to get their minds away from the sadness and escape into the digital world.

The PS5 will have 4K resolution with pixels up to 8k so the detail will be crazy. 60 frames per second is also the clarity of imagery they say will be there on launch day. 3D surround sound and ray tracing will catch both the eyes and ears of the consumer.

With PS5 quickly approaching, the gaming world awaits. To witness a new world with new possibilities. Seeing things like never before and as close to realism as has ever been. Will you grab the PS5 on opening day? It may be the best digital specimen to come out this whole year.



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