The Foolish Man Built His House On Sand

Have you ever looked at waves crashing down on sand in the ocean. While you are sun bathing there is something interesting happening. Nature is telling us what not to do just by this simple act. How do we use this analogy in our daily lives?

There’s a parable in the Bible that talks of someone that made the unwise decision of building their house on sand. Now before you exit because you saw the word Bible, listen up. This story talks of two men. One that built their house on sand and the other building a house on a rock. This is where things get interesting.

This self absorbed, careless man decided to have people make a house in the middle of sand. He thinks to himself this is the way. The easy way out. So simple. So in a matter of days his house is already built and the other man is still tending to his. Taking several months at least.

The man looks across the river at him. Laughing and sarcastically pitying him. There’s probably a time where he even offers the man to come and take a break in his “humble” abode. But no. This guy that’s building his home on rock is determined. No matter how hard it is. He knows the benefits of having a firm foundation.

Finally, his work is done. While the narcissistic man has made his house on sand and is relaxing, the man that made his house on rock is sweating and has cuts in his skin. But he’s finally finished. Suddenly rain comes. The man with the sandy foundation is triggered. He runs in the house and closes his door. Hoping that will keep him safe.

The tides get higher and the water splashes down on the sand house and the house on rock. The sand foundation starts to crumble and so does the foolish man’s house. Everything is destroyed but the man that built up his house on the rock is sitting pretty. No broken appliances. No broken glass or floor. Everything is in tip top shape.

What does this have to do with every day life you say?

I’ll tell you.

The foolish man represents those that look for the easy way out when they get caught up in a situation. A teenager could be speaking a white lie maybe to stay out with friends and cut their curfew. While the other kid is home studying for the test tomorrow. The teenage boy comes home with angry parents waiting inside and ground him for months. While the other kid takes the test the next day and aces it. This is one way of looking at it.

When we are lazy and look for the quick and easy route to something, usually its not worthwhile. We may have aspirations of having our own business but if we just think about it and do nothing we are just as guilty as this foolish man. However, if we are focused on the task at hand and realize our main goal we will reach it no matter how hard it may seem. Or how long it may take.

Build your house on the rock so you can have a firm foundation when a storm comes. Don’t be like the fool who has no firm plan and has everything destroyed. Including himself.



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