The Dream Of Living In A Tiny House

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For years I had thoughts of what it would be like to live in a mansion. The big garden. The tall staircases that seem to go on forever. The huge rooms with no reason for it. Just because you have a lot of money. As I got older I started wanting less of that lifestyle and more of a simplistic one. Gone are the days where I thought I would be rolling in millions of dollars from the bank. Or even have my own bank at that. Now I want a tiny house. And here’s why.


Being in a tiny house is not as cramped up as some think. Matter of fact, alot of so called ‘tiny homes’ are not even tiny. They just aren’t built the traditional way. I’m not saying I want a home where I have to walk sideways to get anywhere. I am thinking of a barndominium. If you don’t have a clue what that is its basically a bigger version of a shed house. With metal as the main foundation. It doesn’t have to be metal but that is the one I’m searching for. The size I am looking to get is a 40x80. That means 40 feet wide and 80 feet long. Compared to a common house this will seem small for sure. But its not as small as you think. Of course with smaller sizes come smaller prices and that’s what I’ll get into next.


The cost of living in a tiny home can vary. It can start from 6,000 all the way to 60k. This, however, depends on what you do with it. If you’re planning on having a grandiose type of home then of course its going to cost way more. Your house many not even be tiny anymore. It will just be regular. The barndominium is roughly 18k for the house I want. Now that’s the price for it bare minimum. This does not include it made into a home with walls or bones of a floor plan built out. Also you have to factor in rent, the water bill and electricity. That will make it run to about twice as much money. Money I don’t have right now but I’m looking at it for the future. Of course with what you pay you also want to be comfortable where you live. You want it to feel like a home not just look like one.


With the tiny living lifestyle its important to factor in comfort. Small homes tend to give a cozy feel while big homes make you feel distant from your family. This is psychological. You don’t want to have a huge home and have to walk for 5 minutes to get to your spouse. You want to be right there with them whenever they need you. This is where the comfort factor reigns. Also in the winter it can work better for you. Unless you live in California. Even then in hot weather an AC unit will circulate the house faster than it would if you were in a big home. Get the best quality for places you will sit and sleep. You get the most out it. And personally I would get a wide space. Which is why my dream tiny home isn’t really tiny.


This is when you’re creative side comes out. The inventions you can make to accommodate the space you have. Giving certain items in your house multiple functions will save alot of time and effort. One of the things you can do that I see alot in tiny homes are stairs that have lids. You can open the lid and have drawer-like space to put clothes, or other things that can be stored. Even sliding barn doors for your bathroom or bedroom. So that you can get in without sacrificing any space when you use the door. This is genius! I know for sure I’m going to be doing the same thing. The more room the better. The more accessibility you have also lessens the amount of cash you have to put up to finalize your tiny home.

For anyone trying to live a simple and peaceful life among nature this is the dream for you. It will be so rewarding knowing you live in a fully functional home without spending alot of money. And you save alot of your time.

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