Many of the people I know have done it. What I mean by that could mean two things from the title. Either marriage or sex before it.

Growing up in a household that doesn’t condone it didn’t make it any easier for me to follow the rules. But alas, I did. For a while at least. Until the mold finally broke. High school sweethearts and even college couples are known to get it on. And those are facts. No need to check Google.

But what is it that makes us do this before officially giving our total dedication to someone for the rest of our lives? Most of the time it’s not even the same people we lost our V card to that ends up being the spouse. That baffles me.

Could it be that it is because when we are younger we tend to follow our actions based on butterfly feelings or some type of emotion that translates in the brain to “do it”? Are we unable to control the hormones at a young age? Then when we get older we seem to be more hesitant on who to give our body to. The question then is how do we change the script? Do we even want to?

Best thing we could do is reserve. I reserved myself for someone I asked to marry before we split up. Take into account the ramifications our body may go through mentally and physically because we choose to be loosy goosy. Or the result of another human life before being ready.

I hope the hesitance of sex before marriage grows. It will have less drama and less mamas. Until they are ready and until you are able to give your whole heart to someone that truly deserves it. Maybe then the “do it” mentality will be changed to an “ I do”.

Making articles to feed your mind and body. Freelance writer. BMCC Poetry Slam 2012 Winner 📝

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