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Being out in the wilderness and being in the city are like polar opposites. Especially when you live in New York. On one hand you get a flock of people going the same speed. Rushing to get to their jobs so they can feed themselves and their family. On the other hand you have quiet and peace. The most noise you hear is birds chirping. I’d much rather that than a car horn telling me to walk faster on a green walking light. Which location better takes care of your needs? Think twice before you say your answer.

I grew up in the place where they say the city never sleeps. New York. So I feel I have the license to tell ya’ll how fast paced city living is. It is no cake walk. There are over 8 million people that live here so you’re bound to run into some people. I’m not talking about seeing people you know although that does happen from time to time. I mean literally run into people. You would think in such a big city there would be enough space for residents to go somewhere. Yea that’s not the case. If you go on the subway at 8 am you would think everyone has the same clock-in time. Or the same job. Chances are that they do have the same clock-in time. Its annoying.

Don’t even get me started on holidays. You’ll see tourists come all the way from Timbuktu to take a selfie with a tree. A tree! And some other things that don’t move. Maybe its because I live there and go to work in Manhattan but the amount of times they take pics in the middle of the sidewalk when I’m trying to walk irks me. This makes going to the park on the weekend seem like a getaway. I don’t want to be near a large group of people. Unless its church. They don’t block my pathway. Or take pics right in front of me. That’s my time to relax my mind so I don’t go insane.

Now we talk about nature. The total opposite of city life. I’m not talking about those countryside areas in America that have a few houses on the block. That’s not a city. That is a small town. A calm one at that. That is where my heart is. I long for the day when I can move out of the city and just make some home grown fruits and vegetables. Maybe even have a few sheep.That would be the life. Sounds kind of boring to some of you readers but I don’t care. That is where the best things happen. Complete solitude.

If I had a choice of pick living in nature versus the city, 10 times out of 10 I’m picking nature. I don’t mean living in the woods where I don’t have a house. I mean living in the woods with a house. It doesn’t even have to be the woods. Could be the countryside because I will have to get certain things for my house. Like food. And since I’m not planning on going full hunter mode I will still be looking for my food at the markets. They just may not be super this time. Lemme know if you got that!

All in all, it is up to you if you want to live in the city. My job here is not to convince you to live away from it. I’m only sharing my thoughts and opinions with you. What you decide has no affect on me. What I decide for my life doesn’t affect you either. Some people love the city because they lived in the countryside all their lives and others love the countryside because they are tired of the city living. We are all our own person. But for me I choose to make the simple life my new chapter. Hopefully very soon.

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