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I hate the saying “I’ll do it when I feel like it”. Having those thoughts come in your mind can be detrimental. A better term would be pollution in your brain. It’s not healthy. And it isn’t healthy to your well being. This could have a negative effect on you in more ways than one and I’ll show you how.

When I first began writing here on Medium I had my doubts. I had questions in my mind like “What am I going to write about?” What if I don’t even feel like writing?” You know, the common things we ask ourselves. It leads us to believe we can’t do something. The thought of you getting into doing something you’re not fond of can be a little worrying. With anything new it takes time to get used to it and then when you do you are on a roll.

This could be used in any walk of life. Whether you are trying out a new food or going to college for the first time as a freshman it can seem like a daunting task. The key here is to get accustomed to it so that you can have it instilled in you how to function on this situation. Writing is the same. Even for those authors that have been making stories and publishing for years. At one point they had to study it to the core to where they are fluent in whatever they want to talk about through written words. Now they are professionals. Its not even a chore anymore to learn what they have. Its like being bad at a sport but the more you practice the better you get. And you will get better. Maybe not to the point of going to the NBA but you will serviceable at least.

As I got more into writing I would see people giving excuses to not write in terms of not having anything to write. Or just not being interesting. I would skim through some people’s stories and after a few moments I’m out. I get out of there because I feel like

1- They can’t catch me early so that makes me uninterested

2- They speak nothing that can benefit my life

If you can’t do either why are you on this platform. Even YouTube has more interesting people and most of them do dumb things for clout. What you don’t want to do is make any clickbaity titles. Curators will not look your way if you do so. If your only goal is to make money off this platform then this isn’t for you. If you are doing this because you like doing it then you will last longer in this game. I’ve only been here 1 and a half months. I still learned alot from this platform and made so many stories that if they were put into paper it would stretch from the floor to the ceiling.

Write with passion! Write with love!

Those two will get you to where you want to go. Not just financially but will give you a piece of mind knowing that you have taught yourself well and even got a little help from something bigger. Your words will write for themselves and you will become as one with your craft. That’s the power of learning and then the learning will turn into teaching. Think about what you want people to know or know about you. Once that’s figured out, write with all energy. As if you’re not making a story but telling one. That is how you grab the viewer. You’ll get the engagement and notoriety that you deserve. But it all starts with having the passion to write.

Making articles to feed your mind and body. Freelance writer. BMCC Poetry Slam 2012 Winner 📝

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