Letter To My Future Daughter

Dear future daughter,

You don’t know me yet but I’m your father.

You have been made from love who is also the love of my life.

You are not here by mistake because you are perfectly planned by God.

You are a beautiful human being and I wouldn’t change you for the world.

This planet called earth is topsy turvy.

Filled with alot of bad but filled with also alot of good.

The tone of your skin may trigger some people but don’t be alarmed.

Because with an angel you are armed.

When you open your eyes the world awaits.

Anticipation and hope fills your face.

You are smart, loving, and caring to all.

Even those that don’t do to you the same.

I worry with this generation how men will look at you when you’re older.

I will show you how you should be treated and that you are a princess.

A princess beyond what Disney would show.

And you will carry around that amazing glow.

You don’t need to show your body to gain approval.

Or act in a matter that is distasteful to have love.

You are independent, strong and don’t take trash talk .

You resemble your mother not only in looks but a great heart.

Because of my traits you may be great at all levels of art.

When you have a boyfriend that has asked you to be his wife.

I will make sure I stay by your side.

He better not mess up either or I will hurt him.

And when you give me grand kids I will try not to feel old.

Daughter of mine you don’t exist just yet.

But I’m speaking life into this so I can get to know you in time.

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