Letter To My Black Son

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Photo by Mustafa Omar on Unsplash

Dear Son,

I see you kicking

I see you move in your mothers tummy

You want to explore this world so bad

But I have to tell you something

You look forward to a world that will judge you

Not by what you do or how you act

But by the pigment they see on you face

You smile anyway

And show love to those that want to hurt you

Deep down they have so much hate

You don’t worry about that at all

If you see an officer you stop

You won’t have much to say in their eyes

Keep God with you always

I pray that you be safe when I’m not around

When you grow I will be there every step

From your first step and on

But I can’t hold you much longer

Life is waiting for you

Whether they like you or not you show no hatred

Keep you head up

When the weight of the world looks to tear you down

Show no signs of weakness

You come from a lineage of warriors

You fight with the goodness of your heart

Grow in kindness

Grow in love

Find love

And when you have your own son you tell him this story

We are oppressed but are not distressed

We have the Father’s love

From year to year

Nothing will ever be as important

As the heart you hold to show those around

You stay the course til you hear that trumpet sound

May you learn from those before you

And what it took to get where we are today

You are strong and brave

Have a peace that passeth through those that don’t understand

A village surrounds your wonderful little soul

Shining your light on us like a glass of gold

Can’t wait to see and embrace you little one

You are the greatest gift I’ve ever had

And will ever receive

So come to your new home

I pull my heart on my sleeve

Me and mom have you

To fear there is no need

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