Is It Time To Leave America?

As American citizens pour out their anger at the most recent crime of social injustice, one may ask what do we do next? Is it as simple as fleeing the country and never looking back?

It may seem that it won’t get any better. With each new passing day there is always another issue. Another cop that got too aggressive and has ended a black man or woman’s life. This is the same country run by someone who wants to border us all up. Every non “American” is not welcome. It shows with the news that comes on all the time.

I have been to a certain extent desensitized to all the drama unfolding in this country. You have been too. Sure we feel sad about the situations that occur but in a week we just post a picture on Instagram of the latest victim to hate crimes and then we go about our business and forget what happened soon after. That needs to stop in itself. I am not one to be on the side of the government but burning down buildings won’t help getting back society to normal. To be honest nothing will. Society will never been how it was ever again. It’s the sad truth.

Leaving America isn’t going to ease your life of all the violence that is happening throughout the whole world. We could be scared and run or face the challenge head on. I myself thought about moving to somewhere like Canada. Problem is they aren’t doing much better than the U.S. It’s one thing when we peacefully protest but then when a riot starts all hell breaks loose. We are then no better than what we were before.

I heard on the news that NYC cops were letting people peacefully protest until somebody started throwing things and that’s when our freedom of speech gets taken away. I even heard that there was someone fighting with a bow and arrow. Was Robin Hood protesting too? Now I know that the news likes to switch things up and make it seem that it’s all the citizens’ fault. That is the staple of their agenda.

They call America ‘The Beautiful’ but it didn’t start that way. It was founded on a lot of bloodshed and stealing of possession. Even Thanksgiving was a lie. Sorry for ruining your turkey but it’s a fact. It never started great to begin with and it really never had a long period of being equal to all people and walks of life.

We can stand and protest all we want but is this country really going to change? Most likely no. We have too many people running this country that wish to keep it divided. In a perfect world everyone would live in harmony but we don’t live in that reality. We can continue to pray. That’s all we can do. Because this problem is beyond our control.


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Daniel M

Making articles to feed your mind and body. Freelance writer. BMCC Poetry Slam 2012 Winner 📝