I’m Stuck In Curation Jail

What do I do?

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t’s been almost a month and not one of my articles have been curated. I made sure all my stories have followed the guidelines. So what is it about my stories that makes it unfit for publishing of a company?

Looking over what I’ve read I honestly don’t understand. Maybe my titles look clickbaity. The thing is, all the titles of my stories correlate with what I talk about. I proofread and make sure every thing is aligned. Am I trying to make my story too perfect? Could I be reacting too harsh to my own story? These are things I look out for now. It may be time to switch it up.

I have seen articles of other writers being in curation jail and then they get out of it. I have also seen people who have never been in curation jail. There was one article I have seen from a writer that spoke about what to look for in the Edit section when you are looking for your Medium earnings. You will either see a sign that says “This story is still being processed, hang tight” or one that reads “ You’re story is not available for publishing”. Something like that. Now one of these quotes are the grim reaper of your story but which one is it?

Many of the writers on this platform have said it took them a month to get curated. We have to think about that for a second. There are over 60 million people that are users on Medium. So you could imagine how long it would take several hundred curators to get to every writer. Especially when there are stories being written every day.

This puts things in perspective. Main goal here for all writers that are in curation jail is being patient. Patience is a virtue and is wildly important in terms of making money on your own. There is no get rich quick scheme for Medium or any other platform like it. It takes time and dedication.

If you are willing to put in the overtime you will be released from curation jail.

I still have not been released from it myself but I have hope. My comments have gotten a lot more traction than my actual stories. In the hundreds.

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Growth of views and reads from my comments

Now if only that could translate to my stories and we would be golden. Its a start though.

Earlier in this article I spoke of two quotes you would see when trying to catch the growth of the stories you’ve made. One was “This story is still being processed, hang tight” and the other was “ You’re story is not available for publishing”.

Based on an article I read from one writer who has had great success in her curation, if you have received more so the quote of the story still being processed then you are more likely to get your article curated. This is good news for people that mostly have these sayings. I have also had mainly these quotes.

For those that have the latter, hope is not lost. We all should look to grow better at creating these stories every day. Whether we are a world renowned writer or a beginner like me. It is when you pull through to get curated that your reads and views will substantially grow as long as you put in the same effort or more. Getting your stories noticed is a journey. Nothing worth working for will give you what you want overnight. But persevere and the rest will take care of itself.

Making articles to feed your mind and body. Freelance writer. BMCC Poetry Slam 2012 Winner 📝

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