How Meditation Can Save Your Life

There’s a saying that goes “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”. The mind is also a powerful avenue to set up things you want to accomplish. The mental state is key in terms of your overall health. The question is, how do you keep up this mindset?

By definition via The Free Dictionary, mental state is described as a mental condition in which the qualities of a state are relatively constant. You could be in a psychological state, a manic state, cognitive state and so on. The answer is in the definition. These qualities in your mind are usually consistent. So whatever you decide to feed your mind, is by practice, what it’s going to do more times than not. This is important to your well being.

What condition is your mindset right now? Are you constantly feeling depressed? Angry? Stressed? There are three main factors that I believe help with this problem. Mind, body, and soul.


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Your mind is on the top of your body for a reason. It’s the first part that gets information. If your mind is relaxed and you take some time to meditate you will free yourself from negative thoughts and actions. In the morning when you wake up take a deep breath. Then another one. Then either on your bed or on the floor just sit still. Think about the things that were bothering you the day before. How it made you feel. Know that whatever you’re going through you are still alright. This gets your mind ready to take on the day.


As we transition from the mind to the body, this is where the physical comes in. No serious exercising needed yet. You will begin with stretching. I’m sure everyone knows how to stretch. I don’t have to tell you how to do that. Do it for about 5 minutes and your done. When I do it it feels amazing. Especially because of the physical labor I did the other day. You will feel the relief also. This now leads us to the third and final step. Soul.


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This part puts it all together. What you have connected to your mind and body you know put in your soul. The root of one’s self. The only one you have and can’t switch with anyone. This is yours. Treat your soul like the priceless gift it is. This includes eating. Eating healthier can nourish your body and soul. It will change the way you think for the better having more plant based dishes in your diet.

Types Of Food That Change You

Nuts: These special foods help with your blood flow. They also create healthy fat within your body and are known to tighten the skin.

Vegetables: Veggies can also help with your blood flow. They also stimulate your mind in vision and thought. Thus giving you more clear analogy to think through a situation.

Fruits: As we know, all of these foods are healthy. This one helps with lubrication. Made majority up of water, fruits are essential to detoxing and moisturizing the soft palettes of your body like the lips and eyes.

If you follow these steps you will be well on your way to a healthier lifestyle. Not only mentally but physically. Mediation, as this story states, isn’t only for clearing of the mind but also for the healing of the soul and nourishment of your body.

Making articles to feed your mind and body. Freelance writer. BMCC Poetry Slam 2012 Winner 📝

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