Don’t Play Games With Me

The Man’s Perspective

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Why is this girl arguing with me every chance she gets? Everything about me seems to bother her. I don’t get it. I do everything right but it’s still not enough. What is going on? I think I want to break up with her. What do I do in this situation?

Many of us men have these thoughts roaming through our minds. Its not healthy but we think it. Despite what we have been taught growing up a lot of us are more in touch with our feelings. Not to the point where if we see a fly we wont kill it but are more likely to get emotion on a tear dropping level. In a perfect world we are crying for nothing but good things. This is not the case.

Women don’t get us. We don’t get women. It’s an endless cycle that makes it both adventurous and stressful.

I’ll take the adventure for 500 Alex!”

We see surface level of who each other are and decide based on that whether or not we want to date this person. This should not be the way. Now we are separating more and more as society dwindles in love. This effects us deeper than we think. The conversations become awkward silence sessions. You start getting aggravated for every little thing this girl does or says. You can’t even agree that 1+1=2. Well soon, if you don’t fix the relationship, it’ll be 2–1= you on you’re own.

It is very important that the communication doesn’t stop. It’s natural for couples to argue. We are two different people so its OK if you don’t like everything the same. Being the same would suck actually. There would be no mystery. You would know everything this girl is going to say at any given time. Hey, at least when she quizzes you if you know all the things about her you will ace the test. You wouldn’t have to guess anymore what this face means or that “ I’m fine” really means.

Of course you should know things about your partner. Otherwise what were you paying attention to dude? The split between her chest?

I will admit I was not the greatest boyfriend in the world in the past but I have learned a lot through these years. It’s also better when you don’t have to pay for someone every time you meet them. Or at all. You can save your money. Start your own business. Invest in some stocks. Then sooner or later you’re sipping Mojitos on the island of the Bahamas. You’re by yourself but think of it in a positive way. You only had to pay for yourself.

If a woman is playing games with me its a quick exit. Stage left. Final curtain. And I’m talking about the dating stage. I can sense the fake from a mile away. If you’re just looking for some free food every weekend you better get some coupons. Do a online survey while you’re at it. I don’t care. This heart is not to be messed with and its why I’m relaxing right now. I am in no rush to get married. Let alone have any kids. Life is too short to spend it with someone you settled for. You need to have someone who loves you unconditionally. Way passed the infatuation phase. You’ll want to look at them forever. That’s the way it has to be.

Making articles to feed your mind and body. Freelance writer. BMCC Poetry Slam 2012 Winner 📝

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