Dating A Tall Girl

Daniel M
2 min readMay 21, 2020

What was I thinking?

Many guys have been scared away from the idea of dating a tall girl. At least a girl taller than them. I have dated a girl taller than me not on one but two accounts. For some reason I was not afraid of doing it. I had all the confidence in the world and was only about 5'7 at the time. Coming into my late teens verging on the age of adulthood. Thank goodness I grew a few inches since then.

I met this girl at a church. I will keep her identity hidden but I’ll name her Bella. Now Bella was a girl with a great personality and well assumed a great height. At 6'1, Bella towered over me. I didn’t care. I wanted to date her. We spent time talking on the phone and Bella came over once. It was kinda nice. Easy to play footsie with.

However, now that I’m older and I have different taste, more than likely I will stick with the shorter women. I have nothing against tall glasses of water. They are great at quenching ones thirst. And I don’t mean sexually.

Some date taller women for the thrill. Like its on a bucket list of things to do before they hit the dirt. This could objectify these women. As if they needed more objectifying. I would never date someone based on how tall they are or how short they are. Whether they are white, black, or Asian. Doesn’t matter to me.

What we should all care about is how this person benefits your life. If it feels the same as it did when you were single then something may be wrong. Relationships are not based on dating someone because its new for you but how they show love. That being said, if it came to a point where a woman who was taller than me was interested in me and I was also, then I would talk to them. But that’s if their personality and character are good. And if their likes and dislikes are common to mine. We wouldn’t have to be totally the same but there would have to be some sort of similarity.

All in all. Whoever you choose do it wisely. I know some guys that have been with taller women for years. Not for their entertainment but because of the love they have for each other from each passing day. That’s the mentality we should all have above everything else.

Also don’t try to play basketball against them, you will lose. Just kidding.



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