Attack Of The Instagram Bots

Daniel M
3 min readMay 22, 2020


Why is it everywhere?

Bot Instagram Profile

You’ve seen these profiles everywhere. They’re on your laptop and phone. They can show up under your posts and direct messages. But why has Instagram not buried these fake profiles yet and when are they going to take action? It’s time to get rid of these SPAM accounts.

One day I’m just browsing Instagram and I decide to post a picture of myself. Not even 30 seconds in there is a fake profile that reads ‘nudes here’ and another one that says ‘check out my profile’. I immediately go to report it as spam and that I don’t want to see these comments any more on my posts. So now they’re gone. Problem solved right? Wrong. Now they are in my direct messages. Not only that but they have somehow found their way into my stories on IG. This infestation of the bots are getting out of hand at this point. They have passed the limit.

You would think the people that are creating these bots would find something better to do with their lives but they would rather harass and infiltrate people’s accounts on the daily. To be honest, some aren’t even made believable. There are those that don’t even have a face and have the audacity to comment as if there is anyone dumb enough to believe it. This problem is not only with comments or messages but a few can even hack accounts or make fake accounts of a public figure.

Recently I had a got a friend request from a fake account version of a singer I follow on Instagram. This account said in their bio, click here to access my only fans account.

Now if you’re not familiar with what an onlyfans account is, its an account on a website where anyone can show exclusive content (for a price) that would be seen as risky or provocative.

I messaged this artist in hopes she would read it and respond to it. She did. She asked me to show her the account and told me that it is not her. Which obviously I knew. I then reported the account and marked it as spam. I told the artist that I reported the fake account and she thanked me and that was it.

Its scary to think someone at any time could do something to ruin your character or credibility at whatever it is you do. People are loosing jobs because of accounts like this. Even posing as real women to converse with you as seen here:

Instagram messaging between user and SPAM

It is important to also say that if you log in to a third party application or have used what is called a follow for follow service. You run the risk of getting hacked. Stealing your password and username. Going as far as following and unfollowing people on your accounts. And not just Instagram.

The only thing that IG has told us is that we can get rid of them by reporting them and marking them as spam but in reality they need to find a way to get rid of all these accounts for good. Until then, guard your devices. VPN is a service that can be used to monitor spam activity on your products. It is a trusted source that shuts down any suspicious actions going on. With that said…

Be safe and be careful what you load and download on your devices.



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