Are Life Stories Better Than News?

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So I’m just sitting here thinking about life and a thought pops into my head. Are people’s life stories more interesting than news? What are the cons of delving too deep into the lives of others? I’m going to let you in on what is going on in my mind about this question and you can see whether or not you agree.

I don’t know what it is but people seem to gravitate more on reading and watching other people’s lives. Reality shows, vlogs on YouTube. They’re all there. Sometimes we could go too deep into caring so much about someone else’s life that we forget to care about our own and the people that are in it.

I also seem to be more interested in what someone else went through. There may be valuable lessons I could learn from. Either to stop myself from doing that same thing or how to get through a certain situation that happened in the past. Life stories from others are always fun to read. I could honestly care less about the details on a technology or the President. Although he can be entertaining at times.

Now if that tech article has a story on a person with an interesting background then I’m all ears. Ready to see what it is that this man or woman was able to achieve through their trials and errors. I could read about a marriage that failed and why it did. I could read an article on a man that has pet tigers living in his home.

Now that’s interesting!

It’s the same way with those who watch videos on YouTube or reality shows. Having a door that opens to that individual’s life and seeing it for 30 minutes. There are couples that I watch on YouTube that have the same beliefs as me. I use some of what they go through and how they interact with each other as examples on marriage. Since I would like to have a wife one day.

God, if you read this article you already know.


The cons of following someone’s lifestyle can be serious. Like I said earlier about going too far into watching someone else’s situation. You can forget about your own way and the ones that are in your orbit. That can ruin relationships and friendships. Don’t let it. Every time you feel yourself sucked back in its time to pull yourself out. You have better things to do than binge watch what another is doing. Focus on you. Take care of those that really matter. The personalities you see on the television or computer don’t know you but your friends and family do.

Once in a while its cool to check out a vlog or two. As long as they aren’t doing anything crazy. Just be mindful on your behalf of who your true friends and family are. Make them your reality star.

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