A New Love For Renovation

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Let me get this straight before any questions are asked here. No I am not an interior designer. I do not have a degree in architecture and I don’t have a show on HGTV. However, I am a fan of renovation videos and people that create cool stuff together for their homes. It’s really remarkable because I was not like this as a kid. So what made me change to liking these things?

Part of growing up is learning new things. You also don’t find the same things interesting as you get older. You change. Sometimes for the better. Sometimes for the worse. I was the opposite of a decorating person as a kid. Every day my room looked like a pig pen. Or like a hurricane blew through combined with a tornado. Long gone are those days. I have changed for the better in this case. It was kind of an odd switch. Like a light. I just started enjoying looking at fixed homes and rooms.

By this happening I was able to make the most of where I live. Looking up certain appliances and items that would go with my color scheme or using measuring tape to match the size of my furniture. Now I go on YouTube and check out channels like Lowe’s Home Improvement and Living To DIY with Rachel Mets. I highly recommend those channels on YouTube. It would be awesome if they got a TV deal but I like the simplicity of their videos.

I have never been so happy to get a desk or a lamp in my life. I’m seriously grateful. I did not think when I grew up that I would be into these types of entertainment. I thought I would be more focused on who’s making the latest pop music or when my Knicks would win a championship. I still care about the Knick part though but since basketball for them doesn’t start again til October, renovations will be my playoff watching. I’m looking at rugs for goodness sake. Rugs! I’m not even old yet. Why am I excited about rugs. I guess it doesn’t matter how old you are. You can be excited for those things at any age.

One of the main things I click on the house renovations for is the process. I love checking out how people make a bathroom from scratch or how they remodel it. The blood, sweat and tears that protrude from their bodies as they work on making something out of an empty space. Its inspiring. Its motivation. That motivation can carry throughout life. In everything you decide to make happen.

I can go on and on about how renovations and house builds make me feel but then it would start sounding like its my girlfriend.

That would be a problem. I’m trying to avoid that.

I hope to one day use all that I have learned from studying those who build and renovate so that when I’m able to get a house for my own I’ll know exactly what to do and look for. I’ll be able to make a very aesthetically pleasing home. From top to bottom. From the front door to the backyard. I’m not sure if anyone cares to know about my love for building homes but whoever does let me know if you do. I’m sure I’m not alone in this and maybe we could build a bond or a home. Either way it works out.

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