5 Ways People Are Like Phones

The difference between us humans and cell phones are big. We have a brain, arms, legs, organs, and the biggest difference is life. But what if there were many things we had in common? Would it shock you? Lets dig in…


In terms of phones we share data or DNA through our model code. On the battery or back of packaging we see serial numbers and model numbers that tell us what kind of phone it is. What generation of phone we have. And where the phone was made or manufactured. In our DNA, we share traits such as what kind of person we are. What generation our family was and where our origin lies and also where we come from.

From birth we have certificates saying who our parents are. We come with a last name that is carried from those before us. A lineage of sorts. Then when we get older and go to the Department Of Motor Vehicles and get our permit and then our license. On the license card we see that we are put into a class. This tells us what kind of vehicles we are allowed to drive. Cell phones have the same license just a different type. They get told what class they belong to. If they are low budget or high budget. Flagship or a version of the main type of phone from the company. This is how we can tell which phone is different from others.

Storing Information

As humans we get our information from our mind. Whatever our mind is exposed to becomes our thoughts. This can either give us the action of thinking rationally or irrationally. We are able to tell what we shouldn’t do versus what we should. Gathering and storing information helps us grow from when we are little. Although cell phones don’t grow they do get bigger when they can store more knowledge. Phones pick up on things we like and dislike from the tap of a button or a swipe. From that they are able to understand us as we learn to understand the world around us.


This can go from exercise to battery life. How do we use our body? How often? When we do certain activities that can be known as our usage rate. What we spend our time on can greatly use up our energy. Doing new things or acquiring a new skill along with what we already know will add on to our daily actions. Batteries on phones are the same. The more apps you download, the more use gets put out from the phone. You may not even be on a certain app and the phone will continue to run while you are doing something else. It also exhausts the performance of the phone with time. The use of our phones and ourselves gain new thoughts and activities which is a perfect segue to the fourth characteristic that is like the cellular device.


As humans, we are fixed on knowing what is happening around every corner. Even what is happening in the entertainment industry. We look for updates from our phone through Instagram and Twitter to catch up on the latest clothes, gossip or news. We are constantly updating ourselves in that manner with being knowledgeable of certain things that matter and things that aren’t important. When we consume our minds of things that don’t help us learn anything but rather just be in awe of the new flashy item we get a bad update. Filled with bugs and potential viruses that need to be resolved. Then when we allow ourselves to think and focus on goals we have now got a new update. A greater one.


Quality is an important factor to us all. Whether we are thinking of purchasing a phone or someone that is of high value. We could think of standards as a way to describe people when we talk of quality. What makes someone of good or great quality? It has to be their look first. Personality. And what rules do they live by. The things that a human believes in. This doesn’t necessarily mean religion but how they view life.

Look, personality and rules.

The look of the phone may make it desirable to a consumer. The personality could be how it acts. Is the phone quick? Does it take a long time to load? Does it freeze? If the phone is quick and does not freeze then it would make it a good quality phone. Along with it having a good battery life. The rules of the phone are critical. What does the company stand for? Is it making sure everything you did on it is not being tracked by a third party or hacker? Does its coding represent that of a respectable brand? That’s how you know you have a great phone.

What do we stand for? Its important that we have great qualities ourselves. So that we represent a respectable brand. Our children would represent the same thing and so on. What are we doing to update ourselves in a positive light without consuming things in our brain that we do not need? Its something we have to think about and we know that thinking could result in updating ourselves with knowledge and storing that information to put in our data. Thus making good usage of our mind and installing better quality for our own body.



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Daniel M


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