4 Powerful Steps To Take Right After A Relationship

Many of us feel devastated when something as deep as our relationship goes wrong. We tend to look at life differently. Like it isn’t fair. Our hearts are slaves to the moment and we can’t seem to press on. However we fail to take the necessary steps to move forward.

When our emotions are so invested in someone it can easily break us down. We tend to lay it all on the line for this person just for them to eventually float off in the distance. I have also been a victim of my emotions taking over me. Its the worst thing you could do to yourself. There should not be a time when you negatively affect your demeanor but it happens.

I was so invested emotionally it took over the physical, mental, and spiritual. No longer was I intertwined with God. I had lost myself.

The day I decided to ask her to marry me was a great one at the time. The evening that I threw the ring in the river wasn’t. What made it even more sad was the fact I had invited her to come see me and she didn’t. So now I didn’t have support from the one person I needed it from. But I recovered in a matter of days and here’s how.

Realizing Self Worth

Looking at my reflection in the mirror taught me how to change. Its like that song from the late Michael Jackson, Man In The Mirror. “I’m starting with the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways.” I took those lyrics to heart. After realizing the changes I had to make on my own to make a better version of myself I went on to the next phase.


Going from realizing my worth I decided to reflect. Thinking of the relationship as a whole. This part is needed to move on. If you hold back your feelings there’s no telling how affected you will be from it. In order to release that tension you must bring in all the emotions and thoughts at once. Its not easy but you will feel so much better in the long run.

Taking Time Out

This step is exactly what it sounds like. Take time to go outside. Feel the breeze. Hang out with friends. Do an activity either on your own or with others. This action helps you get back on your feet and get used to you again. Being alone isn’t bad. It can be a blessing if you make it. Minor setback for a major comeback.

Focus On You

At this point in your life this is for all the marbles. During this journey you will learn alot about yourself. Your flaws and you strengths. Take up an interest to pass the time. Something that you wouldn’t usually do or haven’t done ever. This helps you come out of your bubble. Trying out a new skill helps your mind grow in peace and helps with your maturity.

Now no matter what, you will keep you first.

Hopefully you take in all the steps I have shared with you. These will help you in the long run. You will not only feel better about yourself but when the time comes you will feel better about being in a new relationship. This is essential to help your growth and gain your strength through some dark times. Some of these actions could even be used on other occasions.

Remember to love yourself first and understand who you are before you try to find out who someone else is.



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